Entrepreneur plans to make Tiger Town a reality

Andrew Ouart is an entrepreneur who has come to Columbia to try to resurrect the Tiger Town concept that' hasn't gotten off the ground.

He says it will be a huge asset to the city financially.

"We'd like to see about 30 thousand people come to Columbia and pump their money into area businesses, area restaurants, area bars," said Ouart.

He plans to do that with his company, Tiger Town Hospitality, and set up a 10,000 person tent in Columbia, with flat-screen TV's, live entertainment, and a variety of beverages.

The question is where to set it all up.

"We haven't identified a location yet. that's really kind of our biggest holdup right now. We're working on locations, we negotiating with the city. We also in the process of acquiring a liquor license, and we're doing that as well. So it's taking a little time to implement things," said Ouart.

It won't happen by the Georgia game on Saturday, but Ouart wants to get it all going by September 15th, when the tigers face Arizona State.

"It'll be a great experience. I always tell people, you may not win every game, but you don't want to lose a party. And especially that's the case in the SEC."