Enjoying a parade and getting distracted by pooches

The planes flew by a few times. Very neat!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! The weather was a little all over the place, but it ended very nicely.

Speaking of weather, I apologize for my lack of blogs lately| honestly it has been too darn hot outside for Milo and I to do much of anything. But the forecast is looking much better now so hopefully we can get back out to exploring!

With the unofficial end of summer yesterday, it reminded me of an adventure I never got around to sharing before from the unofficial beginning of summer.

On Memorial Day weekend, Milo and I went on a couple adventures, including the big Memorial Day parade in Columbia.

This was his first parade experience. It was a pretty mild parade considering how much commotion, craziness, and loudness there can be. This one was not like that at all.

Every year parachutists land in the intersections along Broadway. For some reason that didn TMt happen this year, which I was pretty upset about, but obviously Milo didn TMt know the difference.

Instead, we heard and saw a jet whiz by us in the sky. The shrieking noise scared Milo, but I thought it was pretty cool!

The parade was all about honoring our vets. It was done very tastefully and with nothing but respect. Car after car veterans drove by waving at the crowd. One guy was standing up in a convertible, just a waving and saluting| he was such a hoot!

Most of the parade, Milo laid down on the street, but there was one point where some service dogs were going by, so I made sure to pick him up to get a good look at the cute pooches.

While I spent most of the time watching our vets, Milo was eyeing another dog attending the parade. We ended up meeting Colonel afterwards. Milo and Colonel were about the same age and had a great time playing. At times it looked like they were hugging each other| very cute!

Milo also met some human friends who were standing next to us the entire time. They got a kick out him :)

Overall, Milo got scared a few times at the parade because of the jet noises and just the big crowd in general. When he was frightened, I just sat down on the ground and let him sit in my lap for a few. That seemed to calm him down!

It was a great parade and I highly recommend checking it out next year!

I have so many more photos of our veterans who were in the parade. You can check out my full photo album by clicking here!

The parade wasn TMt the only thing we did Memorial Day weekend. We also went to the Devil TMs Ice Box! Since this post is wordy enough, I TMll save that for another one this week.

Stay tuned for more!

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