English only driver's test passes state House

Anyone wanting a Missouri driver's license would have to understand English under legislation passed Thursday morning by the House.

The bill requires all driver's tests to be administered in English, eliminating versions that currently are printed in 11 other languages.

Supporters say it will make the roads safer by ensuring drivers can read the signs.

Opponents say it is unfair to immigrants and, coupled with a voter photo id law, would rob them of the right to vote.

"I am concerned that this bill will make it harder for people who do not speak English to get a driver's license," warned Rep. Scott Sifton, (D) St. Louis. "That will in turn will make it harder for them to vote. The single most accessible, state-issued photo id is the driver's license."

The House passed the bill by a vote of 93 to 63.

It now goes to the Senate.

To see the text of the bill click here.