Emotional move-in day at Westminster College

Nearly 300 new students passed through the columns at Westminster College Saturday, symbolizing the beginning of their academic careers at the school.

The campus of Westminster College sprang back to life Saturday as families of nearly three hundred new students helped them move in and begin their academic careers.

According to Westminster College, 287 students in total have joined the school as freshmen for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The new students are from a total of 17 states and 30 different countries. 63 of them come from central Missouri, and 28 of the students had a family member attend Westminster.

The day was emotional for many of the families, some of which drove across multiple states to say goodbye. Carter Cadenheadâ??s family drove 18 hours from Texas to help him get settled and off to a good start.

Cadenheadâ??s father William said the long drive was worth it for his family to be able to help his son move in.

â??Itâ??s been definitely a little stressful for us,â?? Cadenhead said. â??But weâ??re proud also. Iâ??m sure his mom is going to shed a few tears, but weâ??re going to get through it. Weâ??re proud of him.â??

Carter said he is looking forward to spending the next four years at Westminster. â??Iâ??m ready to meet everybody, meet my basketball teammates,â?? He said. â??Just ready to get going.â??

Freshman Victoria Wyatt said she is excited to attend school with her fiancée while they both pursue their degrees.

â??Moving day to me is kind of like a whole new world,â?? Wyatt said. â??You actually get out of your parentâ??s house, which is awesome. You get to move in, you make new friends. Itâ??s a brand new experience that I think everybody should enjoy.â??

After the new students got settled in, they joined up with the rest of their class to take part in the Column Ceremony, a school tradition that marks the beginning of their academic careers on campus.

The only other time the students will walk through the columns again is during commencement ceremonies at graduation and pass back out into the world as adults.