Elmo, Elmo and Elmo

My shopping trip with the help of my iPhone was not successful. I still spent $200 at the grocery store, and while I now have groceries to last a solid two weeks, I still spent more than I planned. I will have to rethink this iPhone shopping trip next time. Maybe I TMll have to take a helper like my husband who can keep me honest in my purchases.Meantime, I am investigating different educational tools for kids on my iPhone.So far, this is what I found: My one-year-old is too young for many of these apps. But the ones that catch his attention do facilitate learning.They also facilitate me hearing the word Elmo a thousand times in an hour. That kid is obsessed. So, I found a great reading tool on the iPhone for him. It TMs a book about Elmo and his friends. Someone else does the reading, so all I have to do is turn the pages. At the end of the book, it goes through the words Elmo and his friends used and gives definitions and similar words. It TMs really pretty cool.The app is Playground. I know there are several other apps available that are different stories, but the same premise. It TMs produced by our wonderful friends at Sesame Street and saves my life on Saturday mornings when there is no Sesame Street on TV, but I hear Elmo, Elmo, Elmo over and over again.I'm still looking for more apps that help with counting and other math problems, as well as more reading apps. What do you use?And stay tuned for a blog about games. I have an addiction and I'm ready for help. :)