Electoral College: What is it exactly?

To many, the election process an important part of being in a democratic society, but it can be confusing sometimes.

Most people understand how the popular vote works, but admittedly get hung up on how the electoral process works.

Points in the electoral system are arguably more important that the popular vote, mainly because of the fact that the candidate who earns 270 or more electoral points consequently wins the presidency.

KRCG-13 talked with a political science professor at Westminster University in Fulton, and he explains more of how the electoral process works.


hen we go to the polls here in Missouri, we are not legally voting for President Obama or Mitt Romney or any of the other three or four guys that are on the ballot,â?? said Dr. Langton. â??What we are actually voting for is the slate of electors that are pledged to those guys."

He also says that in the event of a electoral point tie, which is extremely unlikely, the House of Representatives would then step in to decide the outcome.

You can catch Dr. Langton Tuesday night on our special election night edition of KRCG-13 news, where he will be providing political commentary throughout our newscasts.