Election 2014 Candidate: Tom Hurst

Tom Hurst is running for a second term in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Tom Hurst says he wants to work on the projects he did not get around to in his first House term.

Hurst is one of two candidates running in the Republican primary for House District 62, which encompasses Maries County, southern Osage and Gasconade counties, southeastern Cole and northeastern Miller counties, and northern Phelps County. Hurst has held the seat for one term.

Hurst said Missouri's tax rates should be fine once the provisions for Senate Bill 509 kick in. That bill, which passed over Gov. Jay Nixon's veto earlier this year, will reduce the state's top income tax rate to 5.5 percent and phase in a 25 percent business income tax deduction if state revenues grow by at least $150 million by 2017. He said lawmakers should take a closer look at the state's tax credits and consider getting rid of the ones that benefit narrowly-defined groups.

Hurst said school districts should be given as much freedom as possible to decide their own education policies. He said district needs are too different for a one-size-fits-all policy.

Hurst said he has met his opponent, Bruce Sassman, and finds the two of them agree on many policy issues, but Hurst said his voting record allows voters to see exactly what he stands for.

No other parties have fielded candidates for this race. Unless an independent or write-in candidate files, the Republican primary will effectively decide who gets the seat.