Election 2014 Candidate: Bruce Sassman

Bruce Sassman is challenging incumbent Tom Hurst for the District 62 House seat.

Bruce Sassman says voters deserve someone who puts their interests first.

Sassman is one of two candidates running in the Republican primary for House District 62, which encompasses Maries County, southern Osage and Gasconade counties, southeastern Cole and northeastern Miller counties, and northern Phelps County. He is running against Tom Hurst, who has held the seat for one term.

Sassman said he is "dead-set" against special-interest legislation including tax credits. He said he favors a lower tax rate generally.

Sassman said he supports more control by school districts over how their students learn. He said school districts should be allowed to compete for students.

Sassman said he felt Hurst favored special interests too much, and he sees the August 5 election as a runoff from the District 62 primary two years ago, when Sassman said he and Hurst were the top two candidates in a field of seven Republicans.

No other parties have fielded candidates for this race. Unless an independent or write-in candidate files, the Republican primary will effectively decide who gets the seat.