Election 2014 Candidate: Betsy Phillips

Betsy Phillips is one of two Republicans running for the 47th House District in the August 5 primary.

Betsy Phillips said she wants to help stop what she sees as an erosion of personal liberties.

Phillips is one of two Republicans running in the August 5 primary for the 47th House District, which includes western Boone and southern Randolph counties. The seat is currently held by Democrat John Wright, who is seeking reelection. Wright is not facing any Democratic opposition.

Phillips said states and local school boards need more control over education policy. She said while there is little question school districts need money, she feels parents need to be more involved in their children's education.

Phillips said Missouri needs to get rid of its income tax, pointing to a study that showed Tennessee, which lacks a state income tax, posted better economic growth than Missouri.

Phillips said she considers it her mission to stop what she sees as encroachment on the freedoms spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. If elected, Phillips said her top priorities would be cutting taxes and protecting personal freedoms.