Eldon poolgoers, staff impressed with new solar boiler

Eldon Aquatic Center staff told KRCG 13 Saturday the solar boiler they installed early this year is working very well.

Pool manager Cloyce Klein said staff decided to switch to a solar boiler after the gas furnace used to heat the pool water broke late last year. He said staff decided to make the switch after comparing the costs for installing the two systems.

Unlike gas, Klein said all of the solar boiler's costs are upfront. Once installed, the system is entirely self-contained. He said the system is much simpler and easier to maintain. To reduce maintenance costs, he said Eldon's system came with a limited lifetime warranty. Klein said the system will eventually pay for itself through cost savings, though he did not have exact figures on what savings the system has yielded to this point.

Poolgoers told KRCG 13 they thought the new solar boiler was just as effective as the old gas one. Shawna Wolfe, who was spending Saturday afternoon at the pool with her children, said she didn't notice much difference in the water temperature. She said the new system makes good economic sense. Sitting across the pool from Wolfe Preston Tucker was enjoying a John Grisham novel. Tucker said he has worked with people and businesses who have installed solar systems of various kinds.

"It's about time somebody did it at a pool," he said.

Klein said he is not aware of any other pool in the state that uses a solar boiler.