Eldon Police have suspect in fires

Tuesday, Eldon police said they have a suspect in a string of New Year's Day fires.

Sunday morning firefighters were called to the 600 block of East 8th Street for a garage fire.

A short time later another call came in for three structures on fire down the street.

Two abandoned homes and a garage were on fire there.

Neighbors said they have confidence police will get their suspect.

Neighbor, Tim Myers told us, "Someone got upset at a party and decided to start these fires, the police, they were right on it, they were out here and checking things out".

Some other folks we talked to in the neighborhood said they know exactly who did it and they've told investigators.

John Marks described what happened at a garage owned by the company he works for,

"basically what they did was enter the front of the building and spread some fuel around and torched the building, most of the damage was done on the inside".

Neighbors told us there have been a number of garage break-ins in the area over the past few months, but they don't believe the incidents are linked to the fires.

There is a $5,000 reward if you have any information leading to an arrest. Just call 1-800-39-ARSON.