Eldon economy coming back

If you've been through Eldon, you've probably seen signs that say Eldon on the move. Mayor John Holland says he's trying to keep Eldon's economy On the move and they seem to be having some success. He said, We have good news coming.

The recession hit Eldon hard. Three car dealerships went out of business, and Fasco, a company that used to occupy a large industrial building on the city's East side cut hundreds of employees. For Eldon, a town of 4,800, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

Holland said, We've taken a hit over the past year with the loss of Fasco, approximately 300 jobs.

But the mayor says things are turning around. While Fasco still has about 50 employees here, a large warehouse was left vacant. But a new tenant, Innovative Procurements is moving in and adding about 40 new positions.

City Administrator, Frank Schoneboom says, The city wants to do everything it can given its resources to support business development.

There's more good news over at Keiper, an automotive manufacturer. Employees say business is booming, and they've been picking up overtime shifts. The company is planning to add between 50 and 100 jobs. So what is Eldon's secret for building a new economy? City Administrator, Frank Schoneboom says they're keeping local government business friendly, We're looking at improving some of the transportation out there, the roads. So that they are able to move product and materials in and out.

The city also added about 600 feet to its airport runway so it can accommodate larger business aircraft.