Eldon businesses make easy target for burglars

Update: 11:40 a.m. on Jan. 17:

An arrest was made in connection with these burglaries.

Original Story:

Thieves had the City of Eldon on edge Monday night.

Over the past month, burglars have targeted nearly a dozen businesses taking thousands of dollars in merchandise.

The latest incident was Sunday night, at the Eldon Country Club.

It could cost the golf course nearly $20,000 just to re-open.

"It's absolutely horrible right now for us", Head golf pro Michael Cummings said.

The reason it's so horrible, is because they've been hit twice before in the last three weeks.

Cummings told us, " The first time they came it was the same thing, but they stole some socks and a pair of golf shoes but it really weren't a lot of dollars valued thereâ??.

The second time they also took merchandise, but Sunday night it was much worse.

The thieves really destroyed the place, they sprayed the entire building with three fire extinguishers and then turned on the beer tap and flooded the place.

Cummings suspects kids are behind burglaries, â??I don't think they're just targeting the Country Club, I think there have been a lot of places in our community, we're not the only ones".

Dwin Ollison owns the Computer Exchange and Repair.

Burglars took about $6500 worth of his merchandise.

In this already bad economy, he's wondering if he should even keep the doors open, "the idea of somebody coming in and stealing what you've worked so hard for, it's beyond me why they think my stuff is their stuff," Ollison said.

They even took his personal laptop,

"They'll probably end up with 50 dollars in their pocket over that computer, it's worth far more than that to me with all the files and pictures".

He is worried those are pictures he might never bet back.

Eldon Police tell us they have leads and are working with the Miller County Sheriff's Department to find the suspects.