Dozens line up for iPhone launch

People wait in line outside AT&T Friday morning for the iPhone launch.

Dozens of people waited for hours Friday morning to be among the first to score Apple's latest editions of the iPhone.

Employees at AT&T on Grindstone in Columbia arrived early, trained and ready to handle the influx of customers.

"We talk about it as soon as it launches. It's a limited time frame that we have to prepare because Apple keeps that announcement near and dear to their heart," area sales manager Hannah Gandt said.

Gandt said the line is typical of iPhone launch days.

"These are typically one of our highest volume traffic days of the year," she said.

Those at the front of the line arrived around 2 a.m.

University of Missouri freshman Cameron Williamson wanted to be first, but ended up being second in line.

For several hours it was just Williamson and the line leader outside the store.

"We chatted for a while about our favorite things about the phone and then what we expected from the release. And then he napped and I just kind of sat there," Williamson said.

But the excitement of the day was slightly dampened when Williamson learned that AT&T was not provided either the gold or silver versions of the iPhone 5S to sell.

"I was actually planning on getting the gold and I was really disappointed that no retail stores actually got the gold, only Apple did. I'm gonna get the black though, I didn't wait six hours for nothing," he said, laughing at the end.

Gandt said that while they don't have the gold or silver in stock, customers can order them through the store or online and have them delivered to their home.