Dozens arrested in million-dollar drug ring bust

      37 people, including 23 Sedalia residents, have been indicted in six separate but related cases involving drug trafficking.

      The office of the United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri says operations distributed more than $1 million worth of cocaine and crack cocaine.

      Some arrests also involved illegally possessed firearms.

      The operation, known as "Operation Coin Collector," was a two-year investigation launched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in partnership with the ATF-led Joint Operations Law Enforcement Team (JOLT).

      ATF agents, members of the JOLT Task Force, the U.S. Marshalâ??s Service, police officers from Knob Noster, Independence, Columbia, and Kansas City, the Boone County Sheriffâ??s Department, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Airwing participated in a sweep early Thursday morning that resulted in 28 arrests. Five defendants are already in custody for unrelated cases and four are fugitives.

      The Sedalia, Warrensburg and Warsaw Police Departments along with the Pettis, Hickory, Henry Johnson and Benton County Sheriffs' Departments comprised the JOLT task force.

      Those arrested are:

      William M. Staten, also known as "Bugs," 39, of Sedalia

      Sarandon A. Staten, also known as "Ran," 19, of Sedalia

      Robert D. Ballance, also known as "Bass," 30, of Sedalia

      Gordon E. Hawkins, also known as "Fresh," 24, of Sedalia

      Ronald W. Spencer, 68, of Sedalia

      Katherine A. Mazari, 50, of Sedalia

      Ansley E. Sims, 29, of Columbia

      Brian K. Wilson, also known as "Brazy," 39, of Knob Noster

      Jeffrey A. Kinner, also known as "P-Nut," 31, of Knob Noster

      Dâ??Shaun L. Johnson, 19, of Knob Noster

      Devan L. Plakorus, 19, of Knob Noster

      Janice M. Williams, 41, of Knob Noster,

      John B. Thomas-Flowers, also known as "J.B.," 30, of Blue Springs

      Rashawn D. Cason, 26, of Blue Springs

      Jordan L. Wade, also known as "Cali," 23, of Warrensburg

      Jason L. Jackson, 29, of Warrensburg

      Connie Sue Kendrick, 46, of Warrensburg

      Walter J. Staten, Jr., also known as "Walt Jack,"22, of Sedalia

      Micah J. Clark, also known as "Dukes," 32, of Sedalia

      Samuel I. Gravitt, 21, of Sedalia, of Sedalia

      Jeremy D. Peters, also known as "Pun," 24, of Columbia

      Kelly L. Buckner, Jr., 22, of Harrisburg

      Jacob M. Goans, 20, of Raytown

      Eual T. Buckner, also known as "Big Tommy," 56, of Sedalia

      Kenneth C. Kendrick, also known as "Kavi," 40, of Sedalia

      Kenneth's father, Lee A. Kendrick, 65, of Sedalia

      Eric T. Hawkins, also known as "Easy," 33, of Sedalia

      Kardell E. Sims, also known as "FU," 35, of Sedalia

      George E. Buckner, also known as "Jorge," 50, of Sedalia

      Ronald C. Boggs, also known as "Hobbs," 47, of Sedalia

      Marvin D. Spruell, 56, of Sedalia

      Marvin's wife, Vickey J. Spruell, 56, of Sedalia

      Gordell E. Poindexter, also known as "Fat Man," 23, of Sedalia

      Art W. Williams, also known as "Ace," 25, of Sedalia

      Demetrius N. Gray, also known as "Meechi," 29, of Sedalia

      Antonio T. Gray, also known as "T," 29, of Sedalia

      Marquoi D. Staten, also known as "Scratch," 21, of Sedalia