Double homicide suspect's name heard on 911 call

Double homicide investigation underway in Morgan County

Sheriff Jim Petty said that suspect Derrell Spellmeyer's sister-in-law had once been married to victim Freddie Wilson.

However, he believes the motive was drug-related and not personal.

Spellmeyer, who is from Eldon, is one of three people being charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the deaths of Freddie and Carol Wilson. The other two charged are Garland Mitchell and Mandy Mitchell, both of Jefferson City.

While Petty did not release many details about Carol Wilson's 911 calls, he did say that they heard the name "Derrell" on the tape, along with at least two male voices. Petty said he believes those voices belonged to Spellmeyer and Freddie Wilson, although he has not confirmed that.

Petty said he believes Spellmeyer was the only one of the suspects inside the home at the time of the crime.

Petty also said that investigators have re-interviewed the suspects, and the Mitchells maintain that they did not know Spellmeyer was going to shoot the Wilsons. Petty said Spellmeyer, who initially claimed "they made me do it," is now "playing dumb" and no longer speaking with investigators.

The Mitchells told authorities that they drove Spellmeyer to the residence to get drugs.

A short time after Spellmeyer entered the residence, the Mitchells said they heard gunshots. Spellmeyer then returned to the vehicle with a gun in his hand and blood on his hands and clothing. The three then fled the scene.

The Wilsons died shortly after deputies found them with stabbing and gunshot wounds Monday at 12931 Dorsey Lane.

Morgan County 911 had received a call at 11:05 that morning from a woman who said she had been shot. A short time later, a second call came from the same residence. Petty said he thinks the caller both times was Carol Wilson.

Deputies and a state trooper were then dispatched to the residence, which is off Route TT south of Versailles.

One deputy encountered a white van near the residence. Soon after, a Morgan County detective had to drive into a ditch by Highway 5 to avoid a head-on collision with a white van that tried to hit his vehicle.

A side mirror on the detectiveâ??s vehicle was knocked off. The left rear side was also damaged by the white van, which went into the ditch. It was then that authorities took the Mitchells and Spellmeyer into custody.

Spellmeyer, who had blood on his hands and clothing, had a .32 caliber casing in his front pocket. Authorities also found a bottle of Hydrocodone that belonged to Carol Wilson.

Spellmeyer and the Mitchells are each charged with two counts of second degree murder and two counts of armed criminal action. They are being held on a $1 million bond.

The Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control are working with the Morgan County Sheriffâ??s Office as the investigation continues.