Don't tax yourself while filing taxes this year

Tax filing season is here and for most means stacks of paperwork, looming deadlines and complicated forms. But technology in 2013 offers a simple solution -- mobile devices.


US Cellular

press release suggests that smartphones, tablets and apps can simplify the tax completion process by allowing people to file and manage their 2012 tax returns more quickly, easily and conveniently than ever before.

Mobile devices and the downloadable applications from several companies mean smartphone owners can now do their taxes on the go.

Jacob Neeley, a cellular phone store manager, said you can actually complete your entire tax filing process in the palm of your hand using your smart phone.

"Its really easy," he said. "For example, Turbo Tax has an app out, that gives you step by step directions. It tells you what to do and you can even take pictures of your W2 forms and it fills the information out for you."

The TurboTax application also offers special guidance for first-time users, plus a section for people who experienced major changes that will impact their taxes this year, like a new marriage, baby or home.

Neeley demonstrated that the TaxACT Central app features a handy checklist to help you efficiently gather necessary information, a Help Center to answer any of your tax-related questions, a calendar with deadlines for annual, quarterly and monthly filing, and daily tips about a variety of tax issues.

Another cool app Neeley found for android powered smart phones directly connect you to the IRS.

Neeley said the IRS 2 Go app "will take you to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. If you have a question, no matter where you are, you don't have to go back home to find out an answer.â??

IRS 2 Go also keeps updated information on tax law changes, initiatives, products and services. Plus, you can track your tax refund and updates through their secure system.

If you want to keep a close watch on your refund, Neeley suggested the MyTaxRefund app by Turbo Tax, which tracks every step. You can check on the status of your federal and state returns, and see whether they're pending, accepted, or rejected. You can also track the timing of your refund, so you have a better idea when your check or direct deposit will arrive.

All of the applications Neeley demonstrated are free downloads through the Android Play Store. Filing fees still exist and vary depending on the app you choose to use.

With some research, you will find that there are many more apps available for your smartphone brand and carrier.

It's apparent, at least for a smartphone owner, that there aren't excuses when it comes to filing your taxes this year.

Neeley said that if anyone has questions about these apps, he and his US Cellular associates are willing to help answer them (573-636-4003). You don't have to be a customer of theirs to ask for help.