Don't forget the deductions, links to more tax tips

If you work, you'll be getting your W2 soon and it's time to think about filing your taxes.

In our Facebook story of the day our fans want to know how to get the best refund.

We checked several web sites and found this advice.

Get all the deductions you can. Don't forget to account for: child care credit, charitable contributions, job hunting expenses, and credits for energy saving improvements to your home.

If you are going to college or have served on a jury there are deductions related to those expenses as well.

Double check your math or use tax software.

If you have a lot of deductions or a business, hire a professional or consider using one every few years as a check up to see if you are missing deductions that could save you money.

Below we've linked more articles online offering top tips for getting all you can from your tax deductions.