Donnelley employees browse companies at job fair

RR Donnelley employees browse booths at a job fair Wednesday.

Around 350 of the 500 displaced RR Donnelley workers went to a job fair at Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City Wednesday.

Over 40 companies and educational institutions had displays at the fair.

"Other printing facilities, a number of manufacturing facilities, service companies, hospitals," Rich Dunn, vice president of manufacturing at RR Donnelley's Jefferson City plant said.

Dunn said the sheer number of people facing unemployment come October 1 is concerning.

Many of the workers are worried where a new job may take them.

"I know a lot of us would like to stay in Jefferson City, but I don't think Jefferson City has the job opportunities for all of us to stay here," RR Donnelley employee Everett Young said.

RR Donnelley is offering all Jefferson City plant workers job opportunities within the company, but most would require relocation.

The job fair has been in the works since the announcement on August 1. The Missouri Division of Workforce Development, RR Donnelley and the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce.

The employee placement effort will continue beyond the job fair.

"We are going to be on site next week doing registrations for the Missouri Career Center. We're going to be doing some national career-readiness testing to help them get certificates to help market them better," Cheri Tune from Workforce Development said.

In the meantime, Donnelley employees are trying to remain optimistic.

"I've been taking the time to get all the information I can with all these companies that are here so I can get a better feel and a better understand of what I want to do to move forward," Young said.