Donations and groceries needed at Samaritan Center

Now that the holidays have ended, the Samaritan Center in Jefferson City is running low on supplies. Donations have come to a halt since many donors depended on a state tax break that allowed them to give more to the center.

The Samaritan Center also provides medical and dental work, as well as free prescriptions. The main concern right now is having enough food to give to the thousands of families they serve across mid-Missouri.

Marylyn DeFeo, the director of the center, said that though they get donations from almost 60 churches, that most of their donations come straight from the community. The group receives no outside funds from groups such as UNICEF.

The food pantry looked stocked, but in reality most of that food would only feed hundreds, not thousands, of people. Healthy choices are more scarce as the prices of fresh produce, milk and eggs are getting higher. Boxes of ramen noodles, marshmallows and Cheetos lined part of the countertop.

"You can't make a meal out of that," DeFeo said.

However, DeFeo said they won't shut down no matter what. They have several volunteers that help keep it running, and she said that if people spread the word, every little bit helps.

You can donate by bringing groceries to the center on E. McCarty St. in Jefferson City, or go online to for more information.