Dogs take a dip as summer winds down

Dylan Kivett holds his mini Dachshund, Zoe, after jumping in the pool with her Tuesday evening.

Dogs and their owners crowded the Memorial Park Pool Tuesday evening for one last swim before the pool shuts down for the year.

Pool supervisor Laurie Herzing said the annual "Hot Dippity Dogs" swim always happens on the last day the pool is open. She said the pool stayed open for two more days this year, pushing the swim to a Tuesday night rather than the usual Sunday. Dog owners can swim with their pets during the event.

Dylan Kivett spent Tuesday evening racing his miniature Dachshund, Zoe, into the pool. The seventh-grader has gone to Hot Dippity Dogs for the last 4 years. He said it is hard to tell whether a dog will like swimming or not.

"You can't really tell until they get into the water," he said. "If they, like, climb onto your shoulder, then they don't like it."

Herzing said the swim has been held for at least 15 years.