Dog bites child in Columbia

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Boone County Animal Control officials say they are investigating a dog bite incident that took place Tuesday night.

They say it happened at the 4300 block of West Bethany drive in Columbia around 6 p.m., when a German Shepard bit a 3-year-old girl.

The girl allegedly pushed open the gate to a neighbor's property and that's when the dog went up and bit her on the nose and wrist.

The girl was taken to local hospital where she had to get stitches and a splint for her wrist, which was broken during the attack.

Animal Control authorities say they're working on getting the dog classified as 'viscious'.

"It's a process that we can go through to get the dog classified as viscious, and if the director of the health department finds that the dog does warrant that particular charge, then there are things that owners would have to do to comply with that particular ordinance," said Molly Aust of Boone County/Columbia Animal Control.

The same dog also bit another child in August, and Animal Control authorities say they're taking that into account in the investigation as well.

The dog's owner could not be contacted in time for official comment.