Does your school have air conditioning?

Most schools throughout Mid-Missouri have air conditioning, but there are a few that don't.

So what will those schools do to make students safe and comfortable when school starts in a few weeks?

KRCG's Facebook Crew talked with school officials Monday to find out.

It's been a summer for the record books here in Missouri.

"It has been an extremely warm July. 27 days we had 90 degrees plus and fiver were actually100 degrees, Meteorologist Zach Paul said.

So with school starting in mid-August, temperatures should still be plenty hot.

"Now that we're heading into August it's looking like it's going to remain really hot. In the next ten days or so the temperatures are going to be 90 degrees or higher before we really see any changes, Paul said.

When school starts in a few weeks West Junior High School and six other Columbia Public Schools will have to rely on fans and opened windows to keep students cool.

But if that doesn't work they we'll have to dismiss early.

"We anticipate that there will be hot days. But we'll make the call at 10 pm the night before as to whether or not those seven schools will be on an early dismissal schedule, Columbia Public Schools Communications Coordinator Michelle Baumstark said.

Baumstark said Jefferson Junior High, West Junior High, Lee Elementary, Midway Heights Elementary, New Haven Elementary, Ridgeway Elementary, and Two Mile Prairie Elementary do not have air conditioning.

"We don't have a set number that says if it's this degree then this happens, because there are a lot of factors that take place. There may be low humidity or a good breeze. There's just a lot of things that we need to take inconsideration, Baumstark said. But certainly we just want to make sure that the children are safe and they're able to be in a good learning environment."

Baumstarks said if there is an early dismissal, elementary schools will dismiss at 12:30 pm and junior high will dismiss at 11:30 pm.

In Jefferson City it's a different story. All public schools have air conditioning.

I also checked with Fulton Public Schools and all their schools also have air conditioning.

So tell us what you think. Does your school have air conditioning?

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School starts in less than three weeks for some places. But how many of those schools have air conditioning?Are there provisions for heat days like most schools have for snow days?

Tonight at ten KRCG's Facebook Crew talks with school officials to find out what their plans are to beat the summer heat.