Does the future of our economy rely on China?

On Tuesday Governor Jay Nixon will detail his strategy for creating jobs and moving Missouriâ??s economy forward during his 2012 State of the State Address.

Millions of people across the state and country will be tuning in to find out what Missouriâ??s future holds.

A lot of them believe our future lies with China.

In October of 2011 the owner of Gastineau Log Homes in New Bloomfield, Lynn Gastineau went with Governor Nixon and other state officials on the Governor's Trade Mission to China.

During his trip Governor Nixon reached an agreement to sell $4.4 billion worth of products to China through 2014.

Like many companies across the country, Gastineauâ??s business took a big hit when the new housing market crashed in 2007.

She hopes the new deal will help her company prosper again and believes we have a lot of opportunities with china right here in Missouri.

"The state of Missouri has a lot of export opportunities,â?? Gastineau said. â??The agricultural field is wide open because in China they do not have enough food to feed their people and it is very apparent when you visit that country how they have so many more people to feed and how their agricultural processes are so far behind ours. "

Gastineau said the opportunities aren't just for large corporations.

"imp talking about small farmers, people that own family owned saw mills in southern Missouri, there's so many small businesses in Missouri that can really come together and do a lot of export into China," Gastineau said.

She thinks one of the best investments the state of Missouri can make right now is to invest in our infrastructure that is needed to get our products to China.

"Even though we are landlocked here in the middle of the United States, we have great transportation opportunities because we have good rail systems from St. Louis and Kansas City and we have the Mississippi River which allows for going down the Mississippi and out through the gulf,â?? Gastineau said. â??But we need to invest and make sure our roads and our rural railroads need to be able to get our products to those destinations so that they can be shipped."

Gastineau said many times people are afraid of dealing with China because they worry their ideas will be taken. But she doesnâ??t think that will be the case this time because we're selling them products they don't have the technology, land or knowledge to grow on their own.

You can watch the State of the State Address this Tuesday at 7 p.m. live here on our website.