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      Docu-dramas and Project Proms curb underage drinking

      Underage drinking prevention programs are popping up at high schools across mid-Missouri.

      In Cole County, programs like Project Prom and Project Graduation aim to give students an alternative to alcohol-fueld parties after the actual prom or graduation.

      Vonda Berendzen, a Eugene High School mother and secretary, says Eugene's Project Prom gives the kids a night of fun while taking away the worry for the parents.

      "Involving the kids in playing games, we have food donated here...It is a really neat thing because it keeps the kids off the streets and out of trouble. And we know that they are here from that time, all night long, in a safe place," Berendzen said.

      Cole County Sergeant Kevin Woodson, the school resource officer at Eugene High School, said some Cole County schools also put on what they call a "docu-drama."

      A docu-drama is where students act out an accident involving a drunk driver, complete with arrests, emergency services, injuries and fatalities.

      "It's experiencing the whole drama of how it's gonna happen, to 'okay these people are gone' and they're gone. They don't even show up to the gymnasium they are gone from the school, and they'll never get to see them again," Woodson said.

      Both Woodson and Berendzen said there was a huge turnout for this year's Project Prom at Eugene, and most students paid $8 for admittance and walked away with over $100 in prizes.