Do you text and drive?

In 2010 there were almost 1500 car wrecks caused by someone texting or talking on a cellphone in Missouri.

So how are local law enforcement working to stop this problem?

KRCG's Facebook Crew took that question to the Missouri Highway Patrol Wednesday to get some answers.

The Missouri Highway Patrol told us troopers watch drivers closely throughout Missouri to see if they see signs of a distracted driver.

That includes swerving, veering off the road and sudden stops.

The highway patrol said the warning signs are very similar to what they look for in drunk drivers.

They said watching for distracted drivers is really the only thing they can do to try and put a stop to this problem.

The only other thing they can do is warn people how dangerous it is to text while driving.

So they hope a few people will listen and put their cell phones down while they're driving in their car.

"Make sure you put the cell phone down. If you get a phone call or a text, and you have to respond to it, please pull over to the shoulder so you can take care of your business. But don't do it while driving down the highway, MO Highway Patrol Captain Tim Hull said.

Hull said any split second a person looks away from the road while driving, could cause a major accident.

So he asks everyone please to remember to put their phone down while driving.

Right now it's illegal for anyone younger than 21 to text while driving in the state of Missouri.