Do think you're a good driver?

Do you believe you're a good driver?

A new Allstate Insurance survey shows most Americans think they're great drivers.

But their bad habits in the car tell a different story.

So KRCG's Facebook Crew spoke with a number of Mid-Missourians Wednesday to see if they think they're great drivers.

64-percent of American drivers rate themselves as "excellent" or very good drivers.

Although most of them admit that they break speed limits, text, and talk on the phone while they're behind the wheel.

The survey shows Mid-Westerners felt the worst about their driving habits.

So what exactly did those in Mid-Missouri think?

"I think I TMm pretty much an average driver. I wouldn't say I TMm great or bad. I'm just average, Cole County Resident Joshua Johnson said.

I think I'm good driver, but that's biased. I am more of a defensive driver. I always try to watch other people as well as myself on the road, Cole County Resident Brooke Taylor said.

American Family Insurance Agent Tim Eubank said he receives about 250 automobile accident claims each year.

He thinks that number isn't too high, given Missouri's weather.

"We run an average of about one accident a day. Of course in the winter time that will sometimes triple, American Family Insurance Agent Tim Eubank said. But on average we usually run one a day, and that counts the little fender benders."

Eubank said about 90-percent of the wrecks he deals with usually happen because drivers aren't paying any attention to the road.

"'I wasn't paying attention,' I hear that a lot. Most of the time when you aren't paying attention, an accident happens. So probably 9 times out of 10, distractions in the car have a lot to do with accidents, Eubank said.

The Missouri's drivers I spoke with Wednesday had mix feelings on how people drive here in this state, but out of state drivers think different.

They think people that live here in Missouri drive great.

"It's kind of hectic in Northwest Arkansas. I don't know why it is but the drivers down there where I TMm from are way different drivers than the ones here. These people here act like they're driving safe and have the perspective of what the laws are, Arkansas Resident Gary Benson said.

The drivers I spoke to all agreed that Missouri drivers aren't the worst.

So tell us what you think. Are Missourians bad drivers?

Preveiw Story:

A new survey shows Americans think they are great drivers. But do their habits match their thoughts?The survey showed that Midwesterners thought the worst about their own driving habits, but the disparity between east and west coast drivers wasn't much. The survey also showed that despite saying they are good drivers, people admitted to breaking speed limits, talking on cell phones while driving and other not-great driving habits.So do you think you're a great driver? Do you break any of the driving rules listed above?

Tonight at ten KRCG's Facebook crew talks with experts to find out exactly how great Missouri drivers really are.