Do highway cable guards get the job done?

Tuesday morning's slick roads lead to a fatal crash on Highways 63 right next to the Turkey Creek Bridge.

55-year-old John Drew of Columbia died after a pick-up truck hit his car head-on.

The highway patrol told us that 57-year-old Sharon Keeran lost control of her truck heading north on Highway 63. Her truck crashed through the median cables and went into the southbound lanes.

This is where she hit Drew TMs car head on.

Sharon Keeran was taken to a hospital and is now listed in serious condition.

Although the cable guards didn't stop Keeran's truck from going into the southbound lane, the Missouir Highway Patrol still believes the cables get the job done.

"The cables almost always stop a vehicle from entering into the south bound lanes. This time the vehicle struck the cables almost perpendicular allowing it to basically run over the cables and enter the south bound lanes, MO Highway Patrol's Sgt. Paul Reinsch said.

Reinsch said there have only been two deaths in the Troop F Region since cables have been put up.

He told us that the cable guards are so tough that they can even stop a semi from going into other lanes of traffic.

"These cables have been extremely effective in keeping vehicles from crossing over into the other lanes, even if it's just a minor crash at slower speeds," Reinsch said.

Reinsch said the cable guards have helped save many people's lives all throughout Missouri.