Do children drink enough low-fat milk?

The CDC says seven out of ten children and teens drink milk on a regular basis.

Only 20-percent of those kids drink milk with reduced butter fat.

So KRCG's Facbook Crew talked with a local nutritionist to find out what type of milk children should be drinking.

Whole milk contains a little over three percent butter fat.

You can also buy 2%, 1%, and skim milk, which has less than a half percent fat.

So, what milk should children be drinking every day?

A nutritionist at Capital Region Medical Center said it depends on the age of the child.

She recommends giving whole milk to children under two, because it gives them the essential nutrients they need.

She said children over two should drink fat-free skim milk.

"Not just milk, but dairy in general is important in every kids diet, so that they get enough calcium to help promote good bone density. Of course there are other ways to help your bone density, like good physical exercise. But any kind of dairy is going to be beneficial, but you do want to choose low-fat dairy, Clinical Registered Dietitian Celia Koory said.

Koory said drinking skim milk or 1% will help children avoid unnecessary calories and fats.

So tell us what you think. Do your children drink low fat milk on a daily basis? If not do you think they should?