Dixon: allegations from "unhappy ex-employee" are baseless

Sheriff Dixon said through his lawyer that the allegations against him are "baseless."

Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon released a statement through his attorney Friday calling the allegations against him "baseless."

Dixon said he will keep working, despite facing four misdemeanor charges and one felony.

He was charged Wednesday with first-degree sexual misconduct, third-degree assault, harassment and stalking, and a felony for tampering with a motor vehicle.

Through his lawyer, Travis Noble Jr. of Sindel, Sindel & Noble in Clayton, Missouri, Dixon released a statement today saying his accuser was a disgruntled former employee and that the allegations are baseless.

Dixon's lawyer, Travis Noble Jr. of Sindel, Sindel & Noble in Clayton, Missouri, released this statement from his client in response to calls from KRCG 13 for comment.

"The people of Osage County elected me to make changes. I have done so. Adding reliable new deputies and setting professional standards in the department has made Osage County a better and safer place - and left some people used to the old ways pretty disgruntled.

The allegations made against me by an unhappy ex-employee are baseless.

I ask anyone who can't keep an open mind on the subject to at least remember the context. I am confident that the truth will prevail.

I intend to keep doing my job."

No court date has been set.