Delta stopping Columbia flights

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After years of service to Columbia Regional Airport, Delta airlines will no longer provide flights to and from Columbia. Flights will stop in February.

City officials announced Tuesday afternoon that Delta rejected the city's two-year, $3 million revenue guarantee and will pull flights from the airport in February.

This is the latest in ongoing discussions between the city and Delta after the city first offered the same deal to American Airlines.

Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid says he believes the airport will still see an increase in revenue with American, despite the fact that Delta will no longer be there.

"The economics of it should be pretty safe as long as the market that we read is correct," he said. "We think there's a lot of potential fliers into Chicago. We also think there's a lot of potential fliers into Dallas/Fort Worth.

Delta will reduce flights to and from Columbia to one a day for the first two weeks in February and stop service after that. American flights to and from Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth are scheduled to start on Valentine's Day.