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      Decomposing body may have gone unseen for months

      Police were in the 200 block of Schumate Chapel Road early Wednesday morning removing human remains found the day before.

      Police believe it is the body of a man, based on the clothing the person was wearing. Police noted the body was decomposed, making identification difficult. They say the victim had on coveralls and was found in a tree line between parking lots for Unilever and The Church of the Nazarene. A woman feeding stray cats found the body and called 911, police said.

      The body was not easily seen from the street because the brush and the tree line where it was found. Investigators said they believe the body had been there for several months and could be that of a homeless man. They are hoping to find more information in the pockets of the coveralls he was wearing to help identify him. Authorities are considering it a death investigation and are hoping to release more information sometime Wednesday.