Death certificate issued for Carl DeBrodie

Carl Derodie (DeBrodie family)

A death certificate has been issued for the developmentally disabled man found encased in concrete in Callaway County, Fulton's chief of police confirmed Wednesday.

Chief Steve Myers said investigators were not yet publicly releasing the cause of Carl Debrodie's death, but said the death certificate has been issued within the last week.

Investigators found Debrodie's body in a storage facility in April. Police have not yet said what led them to the storage unit, nor have they said who owns the storage unit.

The independent living facility responsible for Debrodie reported missing the week before his body was found, on the same day the facility changed ownership.

Myers said Wednesday no one has been arrested in connection to his death. Prosecutors have been reviewing Debrodie's death investigation since June. Myers said investigators were still waiting on prosecutors to determine the suspects and their charges.

While both the FBI and local law enforcement investigated Debrodie's death, it's unclear if the suspects would be charged at the federal level, county level, or both. In an email from the U.S. Attorney's Office in August, a spokesman said the Department of Justice does not comment upon investigations or confirm or deny the existence of investigations until a defendant is charged.

No one had been charged in federal court related to Debrodie's death, the spokesman confirmed.

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