Day two in Hosier trial

Testimony continued in the second day of the murder trial for the man accused of killing a Jefferson City couple in 2009.

David Hosier faces murder and other charges in the shooting deaths of Rodney and Angela Gilpin.

Two police detectives took the stand Tuesday morning. One testified when he arrived on scene, he found one victim dead between the hallway and apartment and the other victim dead inside the apartment.

The detective also testified finding shell casings and bullet holes from a 9mm gun inside the hallway.

Police contacted the owner of the victimsâ?? apartment, who also owned the apartment rented by Hosier. After speaking to the owner, police obtained a search warrant for the Gilpinsâ?? apartment, Hosierâ??s apartment, and Hosierâ??s phone number.

Detectives testified they photographed the inside of Hosierâ??s apartment.

Inside, they found a gun safe, with a partial box of 9mm shells inside, and a glass jar of various rounds of ammunition. Pieces of other firearms were also found inside the safe, along with a plastic bag of used rounds.

On top of the safe, police found an empty box of 9mm rounds.

Also found inside Hosierâ??s apartment was a wooden chest with long guns and shot guns.

A detective testified being present for the autopsy of Rodney Gilpin. At least one round was recovered from inside the body bag used to transport the body, and another was recovered during the autopsy.

In cross examination, defense attorneys asked the detective if a 9mm gun was ever found inside Hosierâ??s apartment.

The detective said â??no.â??

In other testimony, a Jefferson City police detective said he went to Hosier's apartment after arriving at the crime scene, but no one answered and he waited for a search warrant before going inside.

The detective told the court he talked to one witness who said she received a voicemail from Hosier at some point before the Gilpins were found murdered. That voicemail and the woman's phone were turned over as evidence.

The detective testified he eventually went to Oklahoma after Hosier was arrested. His car was in an Oklahoma storage area and was searched for evidence.

Inside, police found, among other things, more than a dozen firearms, various rounds of ammunition, a legal pad with writing that included the license plate of one of the victims, and two cell phones.