Date set for former cop to appeal for his job

Personnel Advisory Board will hear Rob Sanders' appeal in November.

Former Columbia Police officer Rob Sanders may know by Christmas whether he will get his job back.

A hearing of the city's Personnel Advisory Board is set for 8am November 15th in the City Council Chambers.

Columbia Human Resources Director Margrace Buckler says the meeting will be open to the public at Sanders' request.

After the board makes it's recommendation, and the transcript of the testimony goes to City Manager Mike Matthes, Matthes has 30 days to decide whether Sanders will be re-hired or if his termination will stand.

Sanders was fired after an incident in 2011 which was caught on video tape. Sanders pushed a man in a concrete holding cell and injuring his head and back. Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton fired Sanders and took his search dog after the video went viral on the internet.

Later the city settled a lawsuit with the victim, Ken Baker for $250,000.

In October Sanders was found not guilty in a criminal case over the matter. In a bench trial the judge ruled Sanders did not assault Baker. The judge ruled Sanders acted within his training and police department policies.