Dads and kids head outdoors for Father's Day

Dads and their children celebrated Father's Day with golfing and fishing.

Brent and Cade Beckley started their day with a little catch, some TV, and then hit the Oak Hills Golf Course in Jefferson City.

Beckley got a special Father's Day gift he needed to test out at the driving range.

"My wife and the boys bought me a new golf club, so of course we had to come try that out and it's just a good day to be out," said Beckley.

Beckley said it means the world to him to be a dad.

"To be able to do things like this and to help him along, he's got interests so if he wants to learn how to play golf, great, and we'll try to see what we can do about that."

Across town, the fish were biting at Binder Lake.

Many people say the day after it rains is the best time to fish.

That theory proved true this Father's Day, where Mark Jones spent the day with his son and grandson catching a couple of bass.

Jones said spending time on the lake with family makes for great memories.

"I think it's a good tradition, you know, come out and keep the tradition going. I'm here with my son and grandson which came out perfect and the weather here is great today," said Jones.

Jones said they throw back all the fish that they catch, and hope to make an appearance on Rod's Big Ol' Fish.