Cyber sales expected to soar

Analysts predict 131 million Americans will shop online this Cyber Monday, with total sales topping $1.8 billion.

That's an increase of about 13 percent from last year.

David Overfelt of the Missouri Retailers Association says the growth of cyber sales has been happening for the past several years.

"It's been [growing] a few years now, over five years, and every year it keeps growing. It was a trend they noticed and then they coined it 'Cyber Monday' and it just kind of took off from there," he said.

Meanwhile a record high of 141 million people went out and shopped this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but total spending was down about three percent.

But Overfelt says brick and mortar sales are up along with online sales. The drop could be attributed to sales starting before the official holiday shopping weekend or more people choosing to hold off for better bargains.

He added that since most big retailers have both Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, the two blend in to the same holiday shopping weekend.

The days can also work in tandem, with in-store sales driving online sales and online sales promoting traffic to local brick and mortar stores.