Cyber Crimes Unit fights hackers, terror in Missouri

Cyber Crimes Unit fights hackers, terror in Missouri

Almost every aspect of our daily lives is impacted by the Internet. We use it as a source of information, to do business,or even to go shopping. Almost every machine is automated by computer programs that are accessible through the Internet.

This makes it easy for hackers and terrorists to steal information or sabotage major landmarks or corporations...something that the Missouri National Guard will be tackling as they launch the Cyber Crimes Unit.

First Lieutenant Derek Ditch leads the 26-person unit as an example for similar such groups starting up within the military across the United States.

He gave an example of a situation when cyber defense may be needed.

"Earlier in the last, the previous decade, there was a major catastrophe at Tomasauk Dam, and that was caused by just a computer glitch and investigation revealed that it was not a...any sort of cyber attack," Dtich said. "That very event stemmed a lot of research to determine if something like that could happen. It's been proven time and again that that sort of thing is what could happen if there was someone that wanted to cause a lot of significant damage."

He also said that his unit would be at Gov. Jay Nixon's call if there were to be a state-wide incident. They will also work with the Midwest division of FEMA, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.