Cures for the dreaded earworm

Song stuck in your head? Researchers find a couple ways to get that earworm out.

It happens to nearly everyone: A song -- let's say Abba's "Waterloo" -- is stuck in your head and just won't go away. The phenomenon is called an "earworm". Now science has not one but three ways to dig that dreaded earworm out.

Researchers at the University of London found that earworm victims say you can listen to the complete song or sing it; you can just not let it bother you, or you can try using another song to shove out the offending tune.

How about "God Save the Queen"? (Or "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" for the Americans.) Researcher Lauren Stewart of the University of London said that un-catchy tune was mentioned most often as an earworm replacement.

The study of 18,000 residents of Finland and England is in the journal PLOS One.