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      Critics' Corner: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

      After the 2005 release of ??Sin City??, Robert Rodriquez announced that there would be more from the fictional city immortalized by the graphic novels of Frank Miller. After completing the screenplay in 2007, the film though went into hiatus until 2012 when filming began. ??A Dame to Kill For?? has had a long journey to the big screen and it??s up to us to determine if it was worth the wait.

      ??A Dame to Kill For?? is a blending of four-short stories, ??Just Another Saturday Night??, ??A Dame to Kill For??, ??The Long Bad Night?? and ??Nancy??s Last Dance??. All of these stories have one thing in common; revenge. Revenge is a bitter pill and mixed with the dirty, dark reputation of Sin City, there isn??t much of an upside to the emotions explored in the movie. Everybody talks with gravelly voices and everybody broods relentlessly; everybody.

      This is what you come to expect when you venture into Sin City though. You shouldn??t expect anything else. The name says it all. For that matter, ??A Dame to Kill For?? is a beautiful mix of graphic justice and deep, dark intentions from near everybody involved. On top of that, the cartoonish backdrop blend with real actors and environments comes across brilliantly in 3D and for that alone is worth a trip to the theater. Within minutes of the film beginning you are immersed in the visuals of Sin City and the stories it has to tell. As well, you will feel the heavy weight that Sin City bares.

      This though, may be part of the movies problem because as good of a job as the movie does to bring you there and drag you into its filth, once you??re done with the journey, you may be anxious to leave. You don??t venture to Sin City to find joy and happiness, but you also don??t go to the movies to feel weighted down by relentless drama, darkness and human filth. ??A Dame to Kill For?? is exactly what you expect and don??t expect anything else.