CrimeTracker: CyberMonday safety

It's cyber Monday and if you're one of the 68.8 million people expected to shop online this season, our CrimeTracker team has a warning for you.

Avoid using a computer that your teens or kids use to play videogames or chat with their friends.

Often those machines will have spyware and an infected computer system will undermine every other attempt you make to secure your purchases.

Also, watch out for these top three scams.

First, fake holiday e-cards, if you don't recognize the sender, don't open it and delete it.

Hallmark said their cards always come from the sender not Hallmark, and their cards won't need a download.

Second, the "luxury" holiday jewelry scam.

Scam artists are using fraudulent logos of the better business bureau to trick shoppers into buying "discounted" luxury gifts from Cartier and Gucci, but those purchases never arrive.

Third, the bogus Christmas carol songs.

In this scam, hackers create fake holiday-related web sites for people searching for a holiday ringtone or wallpaper. But if you download a song, it could infect your computer with spyware or adware.