Crime stats show positive for Cole County

Fights like the one that happened on Dunklin Street Tuesday can tarnish a city's image.

Business leaders hope that's not the case in Jefferson City.

They said the capital city has a good reputation for safety around Missouri.

Mark Mehmert with the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce told us, "We compare very favorable to other communities of a similar size".

We found Mehmert was correct.

The Violent Crimes Index from the Missouri Highway Patrol shows Cole County with 2,342 violent crimes, Boone County has almost double the population, and 5,620 violent crimes, but Cape Girardeau County has a comparable population of 75,000 people, but 3,502 crimes.

Lincoln University is in the neighborhood where a number of recent crimes have happened.

Lincoln Police Chief Bill Wilson said, "Absolutely it concerns us".

He said they've stepped up patrols because of the nearby incidents.

But, overall he thinks students are taking the problems with stride, "They're very concerned and very cooperative with us to help us get to the bottom of it".

We talked to a few student who said they are concerned when they hear gun shots around campus.

Nelson said his 12 officers are fully commissioned and have been deputized by the county sheriff and they're working closely with Jefferson City Police to keep eye on the surrounding neighborhoods.