Crews respond to water main breaks throughout mid-Missouri

Crews respond to water main breaks throughout mid-Missouri

The recent cold temperatures caused problems for hundreds of water customers.

Several water mains broke in cities across mid-Missouri as we began this New Year.

Columbia work crews responded to another water main break on Friday afternoon. An underground pipe cracked on Chapel Hill Road near the entrance to Twin Lakes Recreation Area.

Water and Light Department officials said Columbia averages about two to five water main breaks a week this time of year.

Cold temperatures along with moisture cause high amounts of clay in Columbiaâ??s soil to shift, which is the most common reason for the water main breaks.

Columbia city officials said they have fewer water problems compared to other mid-Missouri cities because of their capital improvement plan.

Columbia Water & Light spokeswoman Connie Kaprowicz said, â??We plan out for the next five years what we need to do. Our engineering staff and our water staff look at where the breaks are occurring so they can plan maintenance.â??

Columbia voters approved a 2008 bond issue that financed an improved water distribution system.

City engineers have been checking older schools and older neighborhoods, where they replace water mains as needed.