Crews continue to clear mid-Missouri roads

Road crews throughout mid-Missouri have been out all night treating some of the slickest surfaces.Boone County Joint Communications workers say since KRCG TMs 10 o'clock news last night there have been 16 injury accidents and double the number of vehicle slide offs.One of the most troubling areas-Clark Lane; it is now open, but was closed for several hours overnight.It was so icy some 40 cars, a tow truck even a city plow truck were stuck on the hilliest part.Right now, most of the trouble spots have been treated, but there are still problems on hills. Cars are getting stuck going up them.Police vehicles have even put chains on their tires.In Cole County, the situation is similar.Reports are that even Highway 54 west of Jefferson City is icy.Crews have removed much of the accumulation of main roads, but it's the ice that's the real problem."With the snow the way it is, and the pavement temperatures with our chemical already out there, it could turn wet, said Regional Supervisor Dwane Vandelicht. Then essentially, you create a black ice type situation. You need to be very careful at driving with little slower speeds during those times when the temperature drops."In Boone County, the amount of trucks has increased as the night went on because of bad road conditions.Vehicles sliding off the road are a major concern this morning.If you are injured in a slide off, call 911, but if you are not injured, dispatchers in Cole and Boone counties say call their non-emergency line. That will free up service to those who need medical treatment.

Non-emergency numbers: Cole County (573) 634-6400Boone County (573) 442-6131