Crews clean up after 4th of July weekend

A worker pulls a ride out of East Capitol Avenue in Jefferson City Sunday afternoon. Crews worked all through Saturday night and Sunday tearing down carnival rides.

A weekend of Independence Day revelry meant an all-night cleanup for carnival crews on Sunday.

Crews from Southern Fun Carnival Company worked non-stop for nearly 24 hours to clear their gear out of the capital city by Sunday night. By early afternoon, lot manager Brett Reinke was hoarse from shouting commands. He said crews started tearing down around 10:15 p.m. Saturday and gradually concentrated all of their rides and heavy equipment in the 200 block of East Capitol Avenue so people could go to church. He said attractions that need a lot of power were taken down first to reduce diesel fuel use.

Food manager Bunita Reinke said it takes about 10 hours to clear everything out. She said they handed about 180 bags of trash over to the city.

Despite the pressure of the teardown, workers said this weekend was one of the best Fourth of July weekends they can remember. Bunita Reinke said the weather was perfect and the crowds were wonderful. Brett Reinke said he liked spreading the festivities out over a three-day weekend.