Crash survivors thank those who stopped to help

Heather Seals said several people stopped to help after she and her husband crashed on Friday.

A woman who escaped a Friday crash with minor injuries told KRCG 13 Sunday she and her husband were very grateful for the help they received.

Heather Seals and her husband, Jesse, were driving home on Highway BB in Eugene Friday afternoon when their car hit a patch of ice on a curve. Seals said they were driving slowly, but the ice patch was enough to send their Ford Explorer sideways before overturning and landing in a ditch.

"I had to smash the passenger window out with my elbow, and I crawled out, and then my husband had to crawl over to the passenger side to get out," she said.

The two were wearing seat belts, and Heather said she sustained only a few bumps and bruises. Nevertheless, she said they were very shaken by their experience.

After the crash, a truck driver pulled over to check on them and called 911. Before long, she said about a half-dozen people had stopped to help.

"They put blankets over me because it was raining and there was ice," Seals said. "They helped my husband get out of the weather. They called the cops for us, they called my family for me, they helped my family get there."

Seals said she and Jesse are unlikely to drive in similar conditions again anytime soon. She said it is impossible to tell how slick the roads are until you hit a slick spot. As for the drivers who stopped to help, she said she and Jesse were very thankful for the help.

"We are so grateful for their kindness when they stopped and helped us, because we were very terrified," she said.