CPOA gives support to fired officer

Update: Oct. 26 at 5:00 p.m.: The Statewide Fraternal Order of Police is speaking out in support of fired officer Rob Sanders. "The conclusion and recommendation of the internal affairs bureau was clear and certain that all of the allegations as to the misconduct of Officer Sanders use of force were unfounded," FOP President Kevin Ahlbrand said. The organization says the portion of the video released to the public did not tell the whole story. "This subject had just violently fought two officers, he was being combative in his language in his cell and he was pounding on the cell door," Ahlbrand said. Ahlbrand said Police Chief Ken Burton was trying to appease a vocal minority when he fired Sanders last month and released the video of the incident.This week, police released another video showing a similar incident in July with inmate Dominique Roland. A Columbia citizen posted a video to YouTube that he recorded during a traffic stop in an attempt to show Sanders did not have probable cause to pull him over. "Reasonable suspicion is all that is required," Ahlbrand said of the traffic stop. Sanders wants his job back and has appealed his dismissal to review panels. The Missouri Fraternal Order of Police is bankrolling the effort. "We will support him all the way up through the appeals process to get his job back, and that would include going to circuit court if we have to," Ahlbrand said.Original Story:A Columbia police officer fighting to get his job back now has more support.The Columbia Police Officers Association formally gave its support to Officer Rob Sanders. He was fired for pushing a man in a holding cell in an incident that was caught on video.The Officers Association says Sanders has served the community honorably and without incident since 1993. It goes on to say that, based on the report by the Internal Affairs Commission, Sanders followed the established procedures in place at the time.The group wants Sanders exonerated, and if necessary, the policies changed in the future.