Cow Patty Bingo raises money for Central Missouri Food Bank

If there could be one place in the world where the terms 'cow pie dropping' and 'stump speaking' would make any sense, this would be it.

"This is a slice of Americana, where a community comes together to have some fun, raise some money to help feed hungry neighbors, and to listen to some politicians bloviate," said Peggy Kirkpartick, the Executive Director for the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

Organizers said this was the 21st or 22nd Cow Patty Bingo, where a cow chooses a place to 'drop its pie' and money gets raised for the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

And just like event's host, the so-called Perche Creek Yacht Club, the Cow Patty Bingo isn't taken too seriously.

â??It's downhome, I think. It's, uh, disorganized in a way maybe," said Gene Baumann with the Perche Creek Yacht Club.

Oh, and don't forget the lambs, of course.

"We sold one lamb five or six times several years ago, and I know this one tonight is going to bring some big bucks."

Something that, rest assured, fits right in at the Cow Patty Bingo.