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      Cow killed in drive-by shooting

      Cole County authorities continue to search for the man who shot and killed a bred cow in a pasture near Lohman.

      The owner of the cattle herd said the shooter wounded another cow before driving away at a high rate speed.

      Tammy Goldammer helps her mother operate a cattle ranch just west of Jefferson City. A neighbor told Goldammer that a man parked at her gate for 5-10 minutes early Friday night. The man peeled out and left tire tracks heading south. The man returned about 20 minutes later. He shot twice from his passenger window. One cow was killed. Another was injured.

      Goldammer said, â??He pulled right up next to my fence. He stopped with his passenger window near the fence, rolled the window down, pointed a gun out the window and shot down into a group of cows that were out grazing.â??

      A veterinarian removed the bullet from the dead cow that was pregnant. Cole County Sheriffâ??s Department investigators hope information from the bullet leads them to the shooter.

      The murder of a cow that was just 30 days away from giving birth to her second calf is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems in the Lohman area. During the past 2 years, people living there have seen a growing number of cases of vandalism and theft. Goldammer said criminals are stealing more fuel, scrap metal and farm equipment than in past years. The death of her cow cost her nearly $5,000 but itâ??s not the money she is worried about.

      Goldammer said, â??Itâ??s rural terrorism, basically. You are afraid to leave your property.â??

      Goldammer believes her injured cow is still alive and somewhere in her pasture. The shooter was last seen heading north in a late model â??90s white 2-door Chevy Blazer with a football size rust mark on the passenger side behind lower door.

      If you have any information about this drive-by shooting of cattle, you can call Cole Countyâ??s Crimestoppers hotline at 573-659-TIPS.