Court documents detail smokeshop owner arrest

Court documents obtained by our Crimetracker Team allege that BoCoMo Bay owner Kevin Bay, 47, sold dozens of baggies of synthetic marijuana.

Authorities arrested Bay at his Boone County home where they found large amounts of illegal synthetic drugs, 100 firearms, precious metals and several hundred thousand dollars in cash.

A day after the owner was arrested the BoCoMo Bay Smoke Shop was open for business as usual. Charging documents show investigators had been following Bay all summer. On a number of occasions, investigators in Stoddard County said Bay sold residents and store owners there dozens of 3 oz. bags of synthetic drugs. Each bag went for 20 bucks and was labeled as potpurri and incense. According to the probable cause statement, Bay called some of products BoCoMo Dew, BoCoMo-True Gold, or BoCoMo-Kind. A chemist analyzed the product and said in a signed affidavit that it was an illegal cannabinoid known on the street as K-2.

The investigation in Stoddard County netted Bay 8 charges of possessing and delivering an imitation controlled substance.

But after the raid at his home in Boone County, investigators said he could face more local and federal charges.

Boone County Sheriff TMs Detective Tom O TMSullivan said, Mr. Bay, as of this moment, is not facing any charges in Boone County. I will tell you the investigation is continuing based on our actions yesterday regarding the search warrants.

Bay posted bail on a $250,000 bond and is the president and owner of BoCoMo Spice Company and BoCoMo Bay Smokeshop.